Is it that time? Finally time to lose weight or eat healthier? We're here to help with introductions to many of the popular diet plans. What you'll find here are Diet Plans, Diet Links, Diet Recipes, Diet Books and Diet Products.

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smiley plate of foodNot everyone can afford the convenience of meal delivery plans such as NutriSystem or Jenny Craig. And not all diets work for everyone. We're exploring the different diet plans to help you find the one that works for YOU. Can you count carbs or calories or do you prefer to plan balanced meals from the Diabetic, Mediterranean or Zone Diet? Browse our information and find the eating and exercise plan that best fits your tastes and lifestyle.

Best Diets

Most proven commercial diet?
olive oilWeight Watchers

Best for weight loss according to the New England Journal of Medicine?
low-carb or Mediterranean diet

Best plan with prepackaged foods?

Best plan for vegetarians?
Dean Ornish Eat More Weigh Less

Best for fastest results?

Featured Diets

If you're a fan of Dr Oz, you may have seen Dr Joel Fuhrman on the show talking about his "Eat to Live" program. Read how berries, onions, mushrooms and pomegranate shakes can help you lose 10 pounds with the 7 Day Crash Diet!

the cheater's diet♥ CHEATER'S DIET Cheat and lose weight?
Learn how simple switches and modifications can add up to significant weight loss without depriving yourself of dessert or alcohol with the Cheater's Diet.

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