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By Sher Matsen

vintage chic dressJust about every woman's weight fluctuates at least a little bit. As we age our bodies can also change shape. These changes are a result of many things – child birth, stress, menopause, additional pounds, or loss of weight. The reality is, that the world can't have all size 5 women.

If we are a size 3, it seems we want to be a size 9 so we have a fuller looking figure. If we are a size 9 we want to be a size 5. There's just no making women happy. Add the media blitz on the perfect body, and it seems we are always feeling inadequate.

Not to worry, it's quite easy to make yourself look a few pounds lighter, or to accent your finer points and hide your not-so-perfect body parts. There are also things you can do to make a small frame look a little larger.

don't fear the scale!Just because you've gained a couple of extra pounds, you don't have to go looking for a moo moo to wear. Accentuating your finer points is easier than you think. When you accent your good points, the not so good ones fade into the background.

Use illusion to make yourself look two or three sizes smaller. Choosing clothing to suit your shape, skin color, and lifestyle can cut your wardrobe spending in half. Think about all the things you can do with that extra money – buy more jewelry, or how about some new pairs of shoes. After all, us women can never have enough jewelry or shoes.

The average woman wears 25% of her wardrobe 85% of the time. So what happens to the rest of those wardrobe items? Well they hang in the closet gathering dust until they come back in fashion 10 or 15 years from now.

Because fashion changes so quickly, there is no point in stocking up on most wardrobe items. Yes, there are the basics that never go out of style such as classic black or white pants, dresses, and skirts, traditional blazers and tops. But the rest of those wardrobe items will most likely be out of style in less than a year.

So if you're not going to wear it right now this season, leave it at the store. Even when an item is on sale, it's only a deal if you're actually going to wear it.

monochromatic lookHere are some tips to help you dress to look thinner:

So don't worry if your weight fluctuates or you put on a few extra pounds, don't fret. Use these tips to make yourself look a little slimmer. Remember fashion is all about you! And being comfortable with who you are! Big or small, your wardrobe, makeup, hair, and jewelry can make a fashion statement that won't go unnoticed.

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