Fashion Tips – Define Your Own Fashion Statement

By Sher Matsen

Who says what your Fashion Statement is? You, of course! So make sure you define your own fashion statement! Each of us has our own likes, dislikes comfort zones, body shape & size, and life styles. It's wonderful to pick up your favorite fashion magazine to get some great ideas. But ideas can be revamped to meet your personal tastes.

Perhaps my comfort zone is a loose fit, maybe yours is a very tailored or tight fit. I like turtle necks, you've got cleavage and like to show it. Maybe you're a rancher and function is important, or an office executive where a professional look is critical. Tweed's in and you hate tweed, then don't buy tweed. Hot great stylecolors are in but your skin is washed out, then stick to the colors that look good on you but perhaps dress them up with a little color. Low rise pants are in but they aren't attractive on you, then don't buy them.

It's all wonderful and dandy for the fashion world to tell us what is in, what we should wear. But the bottom line is clothes that we buy and hang in the closet never to be warn are a waste of our money. Don't feel pressured to stay with the trends. Trends come and go. If you stick with your basics and then add a piece here and there that fits the current fashions you'll be much better off.

So pick up the popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Style, or Elle. Have a flip through. Then take what you like and use it and toss the rest away. What really matters is that you feel "good" in the look you present. When you feel good about how you look your confidence level jumps, you're happier, and your positive energy flows around you.

If a pair of blue jeans with a tank top and big bold earrings is your thing then that's your fashion statement. If you like long skirts, heels, and gold jewelry then that's your fashion statement. Don't let anyone or anybody change you from who you are. Because you are your fashion statement.

spring lookNow that's not to say we can't all take a lesson or so, get the creative juices flowing, or freshen our look. The magazines are terrific ways to do just that. There are plenty of great web sites that can also be very helpful.

Don't forget accesories can spice up any outfit. Denim can be very classy with the right shoes and jewelry. Your black dress can become quite informal and fun with the right jewelry or belt. Change the entire look of an outfit with your accesories. Utilize all your wardrobe by mixing and matching pieces, jewelry, shoes, and other accesories. The more jewelry you have, the more looks you can create.

You are your fashion statement. Say what you want, say it how you want, wear it how you want! If you're comfortable in your look, you're going to show your confidence. Be you!

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